Anne Blochwitz, BS

Hey there, folks! I’m Anne Blochwitz, the super-experienced veterinary ninja at Animal Urgent Center. With over three decades of veterinary awesomeness under my belt in General Practice, Internal Medicine, and even Emergency Medicine, I’m basically a pet-saving expert!

But wait, there’s more! I’ve got a soft spot for Palliative Medicine, making sure our furry pals are comfy and happy till the very end. And guess what? I’m not just a pro at treating animals; I’m also a master of educating pet parents on how to give their fluffballs the best life ever.

Now, let’s get personal! I reside in Ypsilanti with my partner in crime, David, and our two little troublemakers. Oh, and we can’t forget my entourage of adorable critters: Junie, the fluffy Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Freddie, the charming Havanese, and my four feline mischief-makers: Kiva, Weasley, Norbert, and Van Gogh. Yep, it’s like a mini zoo at my place!

When I’m not busy being a superhero veterinary nurse, you’ll catch me unleashing my creative side with crafting shenanigans, snapping pictures like a paparazzi, diving into captivating books, or roughing it out in the wild on camping adventures.

So, there you have it, the life of Anne Blochwitz – part-time pet savior, full-time fun-haver!